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24/7 Team Contact: 520-333-SSAR (7727)

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March 1, 2011

Superstition Search and Rescue is now registered as a CERT team through the Apache Junction Police Department.

December 5, 2009

Vanderpool.pdf: Letter from Roger Vanderpool, Director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety

Vasquez.pdf: Letter from Christopher Vasquez, Former Pinal County Sheriff

Bricker.pdf: Letter from Genevieve Bricker, President of A.D.O.B.E.

Who Is Superstition Search & Rescue?

Superstition Search & Rescue (SSAR) is a private volunteer service organization dedicated to wilderness and urban search and rescue in Arizona. This non-profit rescue team was originally formed in 1981 as Apache Junction Search and Rescue. In 1994, we incorporated and changed our name to Superstition Wilderness Rescue, Inc. and later changed the name again to Superstition Search & Rescue.

The primary purpose of this volunteer organization is to assist individuals who may experience wilderness-related problems. These range from incidents such as falls or medical emergencies, lost or overdue hikers, heat or cold exposure, and more. Our group is highly skilled in wilderness first-aid, technical rescue, orienteering and tracking.  These skills enable Superstition Search & Rescue members to safely and efficiently move patients from the field to appropriate medical service in the event of injury, or to their families, in the case of a lost or overdue hiker.  We currently have approximately 25 volunteers that sacrifice their time and personal resources to assist those in need.  We are always looking for more people.
What Does the Name Mean?

Superstition Search & Rescue derived its name from the beautiful Superstition Mountains and Wilderness Area located in northwestern Pinal County, and the far northeast portion of Maricopa County.  The mountains consist of over 160,000 acres of rough and beautiful terrain and are separated from the Mazatzal Mountains to the north by the Salt River and its numerous lakes.

The Superstition Wilderness Area has a well-developed trail system and receives heavy use from October to May, during the cooler months here in the Sonoran desert. Searing heat (110�F or higher) and a shortage of precipitation (about 3 inches during the summer months) are typical summer conditions. Bitter cold, torrential rains, and even snowstorms are not uncommon in the Superstitions during the winter months. To those hardy enough to meet the challenges, this wilderness offers a unique scenic beauty, and a chance to study the many desert plants and animals indigenous to the area. Unfortunately, many hikers do not understand these challenges, or they misinterpret them and get themselves into trouble. Approximately, one-fourth of our rescues are for people who are from out of town and even though they are able hikers, they do not realize how rugged the terrain is here. Many others just do not use common sense. And, of course there are the few hikers that simply twist an ankle or break a leg that require our assistance. That's where we come into action.

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